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Assessments and Observations

Sometimes it is necessary to complete assessments and observations for  the child to establish barriers to learning. These can show strengths and weaknesses and can also lead to further investigatory work or referrals to additional services.  The assessments provide vital information which helps professionals working with the child to build good support in the areas where it is most needed. Observations can take place in school or at home.

Behaviour Support 

We know that behaviour is a form of communication, we just don’t always  know why or what it means to us.  We can provide support for children with SEMH  needs and can work 1:1 or from a distance. We can offer support and guidance for staff working with the child , developing a high level of support and understanding of individual needs. 

Advice and Recommendations

From any assessment or observation will come advice and recommendations . These will be personalised for each child and can be used both in school or at home. It is important that any recommendations are shared with all who work with the children to develop a consistent approach to support. 

SENDCO Support 

Being a new SENCO can be difficult when it comes to understanding the processes , rules and guidance available. We can support you with the ‘tricky bits ‘ such as EHCP needs assessment referrals, reviews and establishing systems in your school. 

Support at Home 

Our services are all centred around the child . If home is where support is needed most, then we are happy to support you in establishing routines, boundaries , SEN support  or even developing a play routine .

Teacher Support 

We recognise that sometimes we all need a little support from time to time .  observing in class, working 1:1 and team teaching is something we can offer to support you in planning and preparing for a pupil with SEND . 

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